Vol 45, No 2 (2019)

Table of Contents


Consequences of Land-Use/Land-Cover Dynamics on Range Shift of Cape Buffalo in Western Ethiopia PDF
Mosissa Geleta Erena, Habte Jebessa, Afework Bekele 123-136
Soil Organic Carbon and Total Nitrogen Changes in Croplands Converted to Apple Orchard System in South Kashmir Temperate Himalayas PDF
Shabir A. Bangroo, T. Mubarak, h. Itoo 137-144
Evaluating Potentials of Riverine Floodplain Soils for Management of Rice (Oryza sativa L) in Majuli River Island, Assam, India PDF
Bhaskara Phaneendra Bhaskar 145-156
Evaluation of Suitable Habitat for Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) in Pench Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh, India PDF
Shaheer Khan, Stutee Gupta, Orus Ilyas, Abdul Haleem, Arijit Roy 157-164
Diet Composition of Forest Inhabiting Cape Buffalo (Syncerus caffer caffer) in Western Ethiopia PDF
Mosissa Geleta Erena, Afework Bekele, Habte Jebessa Debella 165-178
Earthworm Communities under Pasture Ecosystems in Tripura, India PDF
Biplab Debbarma, Priyasankar Chaudhuri 179-190
Modeling the Distribution of Three Cactus Species of the Caatinga Biome in Future Climate Scenarios PDF
Dynamics of Asian Elephant Habitat in Shivalik Landscape and Environs of Kalesar-Rajaji–Corbett Protected Area Network PDF
Sanjay Babu, Sarnam Singh, S. P. Goyal, Megha Shruti 205-228
A Report on Bat Species Identified in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India with a Brief Description of Their Ecology PDF
Beena Vamadevan, T. Neelam, G. Saikumar 229-239

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