Vol 45, No 1 (2019)

Table of Contents


Earthworm Communities in the Waste Deposit Sites (Cowdung Heaps and Municipal Solid Wastes) of West Tripura, India PDF
Susmita Debnath, Priyasankar Chaudhuri 1-14
Phytoplankton Community Structure and Environmental Variables as Indicators of Organic Pollution in Padma River, Bangladesh PDF
Md Ayenuddin Haque, Md Abu Sayed Jewel, Afia Zinat, Saleha Jasmine, Mst Samsad Khatun, Jakia Hasan 19-29
Forest Fire in Uttarakhand: Causes, Consequences and Remedial Measures PDF
G. C.S. Negi 31-37
Nesting Ecology of Spotted Owlet (Athene brama) and Barn Owl (Tyto alba) in Agroecosystem of Punjab PDF
Yashika Gaba, Nisha Vashishat 39-43
Distance-Based Analysis of Soil Mycofloral Communities of Hot Arid Region of India PDF
Manish Mathur, Alkesh Tak, Praveen Gehlot 45-58
Socio-Economic and Demographic Factors Influencing Farmers’ Decision on Homegarden Management Practices and Carbon Storage in Mizoram, Northeast India PDF
Soibam Lanabir Singh, Uttam Kumar Sahoo 59-69
Response of Phytoplankton to Changes in Hydrographic Properties in A Subtropical Embayment in the Sea of Oman PDF
Khalid Al-Hashmi, Y. V.B. Sarma, Sergey Piontkovsky, Paul J. Harrison, Harib Al-Habsi 71-84
Biomass Storage and Carbon Sequestration in Priority Bamboo Species in Relation to Village Physiography PDF
Abul Fazal Majumder, Ashesh K. Das, Arun Jyoti Nath 85-95
Species Diversity, Relative Abundance and Distribution of Birds in and Around Lake Hayq Estifanos, South Wollo, Ethiopia PDF
Abeba Demeke, Mesele Yihune 97-106
Sensitivity of Submerged Aquatic Macrophytes and Their Epiphytic Microalgae to the Different Environmental Variables in River Nile, Egypt PDF
Abdel Latif M. Hussian, Amany M. Haroon 107-122

Short Communication

Assessment of Wastewater Toxicity by Vibrio fischeri Bioassay PDF
Pramod W. Ramteke, Alka Sagar, M. P. Singh 15-17

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