(effective January 2021)

All authors interested in contributing their research/review papers for publication in this Journal must read these instructions and detailed guidelines for the Preparation of the Manuscript. These instructions must be followed strictly to ensure speedy decision and publication. 
Authors must note that this is now a Fully Open Access journal and levies a Publication Fee which has to be paid only after the acceptance of the contribution is communicated.



Authors submitting their studies for publication in this Journal are requested to ensure that they follow and abide by the following ethical norms. Wherever serious intentional violatons are detected or reported to us, the authors may be debarred for future submissions.

1. All authors listed in a submission should have contributed significantly to the study by way of conceptualisation, design, field or laboratory work, data interpretation and/or prepation of the manuscript. The order of authors must be decided before submission because neither it can be changed under any circumstances nor authors can be added or deleted. A declaration signed by all authors must be uploaded at the time of submission.

2. The authors must ensure that the study is original and no part of the text or none of the figures have been borrowed from the earlier published or copyrighted work without written permission or quoting the source and acknowledging it. Also, the authors should not submit manuscripts which duplicate their own previously published work (other than a thesis) or include significant parts of the text, tables and/or figures from previous or simultaneous publications.

3. All sources of financial support (project grants or otherwise), permissions required under national regulations for the study (e.g., use of animals, protected or restricted areas). Any potential conflict of interest should also be disclosed.


Before you can submit the paper, you and your coauthors must register at the journal’s website as User/Author giving full name, address and email ID.

After you are ready with the manuscript files for uploading (as noted below), login again and go to new submission. Follow the process carefully, and fill in all information correctly and completely.

The Main Submission File of your contribution must include:

First Page:   Title; Each author’s full name and full Institutional address,  Email ID; Corresponding author’s name, present address, email ID;   Statement on Number of pages, Number of References, Number of Tables andNumber of Figures

Second Page: Title; Abstract; and Key Words   (NOT repeated from the title)

Next: The Text of the manuscript (Introduction, Study area, Material, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion; Acknowledgements; References;  Tables, Captions for FiguresSupplementary File (s) - for figures and Cover letter:  Each Figure separately as a high resolution graphic file (JPG, PNG, TIFF) – not as a scan of print out. Several Files of figures may be zipped into one.Cover Letter:  State what is new contribution that deserves publication; How is the study of interest to international scientific community; Is this study a part of the PhD dissertation (identify the author) or part of a larger research project (identify PI/co-PI); What is specific contribution of each author to the study and preparation of the paper,. and Identify funding agency/ source of funds.(This information should also be included in the manuscript under appropriate sections).Declaration signed by all co-authors that they have gone through the manuscript and approved its submission as well as the order of authors.

IF the Online submission omits any information or IF the manuscript does not follow the Guidelines especially in respect of SI Units, reference citation, formatting of references, and quality of figures, the manuscript will NOT be processed for review and will be rejected, requiring fresh submission.

Detailed Guidelines for preparing the manuscript, figures and reference formatting can be downloaded from the website (vo. 48, no.1).

It is hoped that with the auhors’ cooperation in complying with these instructions, a decision can be made within 8-10 weeks and the accepted papers can be published within next 4 weeks.

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