TEEB-India Initiative approves NIE’s study on River Ken

Economics of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Management of Water Resources of River Ken

It is well recognised that diversion and abstraction of water from rivers seriously impact upon the biodiversity and ecosystem services of rivers and associated wetlands. The losses in ecosystem services due to reduced flows are not yet accounted in the cost-benefit analysis of the water resources development projects. Hence, the National Institute of Ecology has formulated a study on the assessment of changes in biodiversity and related ecosystem services resulting from water diversion, and their economic valuation in relation to the net gains from the use of diverted water over different time scales. The study focuses on River Ken – a nearly unimpacted tributary of Yamuna. The study, approved by the TEEB-India initiative (of the Ministry of Environment & Forests, New Delhi) for funding, is likely to be started by July 2014.