Listed below are the books and Proceedings published by the NIE.

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List of Our Publications

Environmental Flows: An Introduction for Water Resource Managers. 248 pages.
Gopal, B. (Editor) 2013.Individual chapters available for download as PDFs here.

Cultural Landscapes: The Basis of Linking Biodiversity Conservation with the Sustainable Development.  217 pages (with a CD inside).
Ramakrishnan, P.S.; K.G. Saxena; K.S. Rao and G. Sharma (Editors): 2012.

Published by the NIE for UNESCO, New delhi

Restoring River Yamuna: Concepts, Strategies and Socio-Economic Considerations.  394 pages
Martin, P.; B. Gopal,  and C. Southey (Editors) 2007.

Communicating Scientific Principles of Ecology: A Manual on Waste Management.  60 pages
Gopal, B., Deblina Ghosh and Abhishek Chandra. 2011.


1. ECOLOGY TODAY: An Anthology of Contemporary Ecological Research.
Gopal, B., P.S. Pathak and K.G. Saxena (Eds) 1998.
2. Ecology and Evolution of Plant-Feeding Insects in Natural and Man-Made Environments.
Raman, A. (Ed) 1997. (Distributed Outside the Indian Subcontinent Exclusively by Backhuys Publishers, Leiden, The Netherlands )
3. Studies in Indian Agroecosystems.
Pathak, P.S. and B. Gopal (Eds) 1996.
4. Recent Studies on Ecology and Management of Wetlands.
Wetzel, R.G., A. van der Valk, R.E. Turner, W.J. Mitsch and B. Gopal (Eds) 1994
5. Wetlands and Ecotones: Studies in Land-Water Interactions.
Gopal, B., A. Hillbricht-Ilkowska and R.G. Wetzel (Eds) 1993.
6. Ecology of Biological Invasions in the Tropics.
Ramakrishnan, P.S. (Ed) 1991.
7. Ecology and Sustainable Development.
Gopal, B. (Ed) 1991.
8. Trends in Indian Ecology.
Singh, J.S. and B. Gopal (Eds) 1989.
9. Wetland Ecology and Management 2 volumes (Out of Print)
Gopal, B., R.E. Turner, R.G. Wetzel and D.F. Whigham (Editors) 1982.
10. Glimpses of Ecology (Out of Print).
Singh, J.S. and B. Gopal (Eds) 1978.


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