Membership Information

The membership of the National Institute of Ecology is open to all individuals actively engaged as a professional (in research, teaching or management) in any field of ecology and environmental sciences. There are four categories of membership:

  1. Fellows are individuals elected by the Institute for their significant outstanding contributions to the science of ecology and/or environment. The Fellowship is open to individuals of all nations. For details, go to Fellowship.
  2. Members are individuals, resident in India (including Nepal), interested in the subject and willing to contribute towards the objectives of the Institute.
  3. Overseas Members are individuals residing outside India.

Privileges of Members and Overseas Members

  1. To be present and to vote at all General Meetings;
  2. To receive the regular publications of the Institute. They are: the International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, and the Bulletin of the NIE,
  3. To publish research papers and general articles in the lnstitute’s publications, if accepted after normal review process.
  4. To receive a copy of other publications of the Institute, gratis or at a reduced price as may be determined by the Central Executive Council from time to time;
  5. To use the library of the Institute as and when established, provided that outstation Fellows and Members may be required to bear the postal expenses;
  6. To attend and participate in all lectures, seminars, symposia and conferences, etc., the registration fees for which shall be determined by the Central Executive Council according to the existing circumstances with certain privileges / discounts provided for the Fellows and Members.
  7. To become Fellow of the Institute on being duly elected;Provided that such members are either Life Members or convert their ordinary membership into life membership by paying the dues in accordance with the rule in force at that time, before seeking nomination for election.
  8. To serve on the Central Executive Council if co-opted for the purpose; and
  9. To vote in the elections and to get elected as a Member of the Executive Committee of the Regional Institute according to the procedure laid down for the purpose;
  10. Information on the current developments / programmes / publications / conferences / opportunities worldwide in all fields of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
For further information, contact the Secretary General, NIE.

Membership Application Form