General Information

The Fellows are individuals elected by the National Institute of Ecology for their significant contributions to any field of ecology or environment, in accordance with the regulations laid down for the purpose.

Privileges of Fellows

All Fellows are entitled to the following privileges:

  1. to be present and to vote at all General Meetings;
  2. to receive the regular publications of the Institute. They are: the International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, and the Bulletin of the NIE,
  3. © to publish research papers and general articles in the lnstitute’s publications, if accepted after normal review process.
  4. to receive a copy of other publications of the Institute, gratis or at a reduced price as may be determined by the Central Executive Council from time to time;
  5. to use the library of the Institute as and when established, provided that outstation Fellows and Members may be required to bear the postal expenses;
  6. to attend and participate in all lectures, seminars, symposia and conferences, etc., the registration fees for which shall be determined by the Central Executive Council according to the existing circumstances with certain privileges/discounts provided for the Fellows and Members.
  7. to propose and recommend candidates for election as Fellows and for admission as Members;
  8. to vote in the election of the Fellows;
  9. to vote in the elections and to fill any post in the Central Executive Council or the Regional Executive Committee by being duly elected;
  10. to represent the Institute on being so nominated by the Central Executive Council, on other organizations, in meetings, conferences, symposia, etc.; and
  11. to serve on such committees as the Institute may form.

Nomination Form

Fellows desirous of nominating individuals for Fellowship of the NIE may contact the Secretary General (E-mail: [email protected]) and/or download the Nomination Form as a PDF file (nom-form.pdf) by clicking here.