Fertility Status of Rice Growing Soils Belonging to Different Land Types Under the Western Central Tableland Agro-climatic Zone of Odisha

Dhaneshwar Padhan, Mahasweta Chakraborty, Arup Sen


We evaluated the fertility status of rice growing soils under three land types, i.e. upland, medium land and lowland. Composite soil samples were collected from 74 different locations covering the three land types. Results showed that the soils of upland were low in available nutrient (N, P, K and S) contents and the soils of lowland had comparatively higher contents of available nutrients; whereas soils under medium land were found to be intermediate in available nutrients. The soils were moderately acidic to neutral in reaction. Soil organic carbon (SOC) content showed wide variations, being high in lowland soils whereas the upland soils were low in SOC content.  Considering all the seventy four samples tested, dynamic relationships were found between available nutrient content and SOC content. Soil pH also maintained excellent agreement with available nutrient content and SOC content. Findings from the above study will be helpful in formulating a sound fertilization program in this area for the economic benefits of farmers.


Available Nutrient Contents; Fertility Status; Fertilization Program; Land Types; Soil pH


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