Assessment of Aboveground Phytomass in Temperate Forests of Kashmir Valley, J&K, India

Sarnam Singh, Prashant Patil, V.K. Dadhwal, J.R. Banday, D.N. Pant


The above ground phytomass (AGP) has been assessed for plants 3 cm dia. based on the clustered samples in temperate forests of the Kashmir Valley. Land use/land cover, with emphasis on forest cover type and density, were mapped using high resolution merged data within MODIS SR pixel of 250 × 250 m for an area weighted phytomass assessment. AGP varied from 5.89 Mg ha-1 to 242.53 Mg ha-1, 37.68 Mg ha-1 to 499.53 Mg ha-1, 42.82 to 402.42 and 94.14 to 229.68 Mg ha-1 in mixed temperate broad leaved, Abies pindrow Royle (Fir), Pinus wallichiana A.B. Jack (Blue Pine) and Cedrus deodara (D. Don) G. Don (Deodar) forests, respectively. The best regression model (r2=0.853) of temperate broad leaved AGP was with IR band of November month data with linear function. The best correlation (r2=0.628) in Abies pindrow Royle forest AGP was with NDVI of October month with power function. In Pinus wallichiana A.B. Jack forest the best regression model (r2=0.5837) was with IR band of May month data with exponential function, and for Cedrus deodara forest the best regression model (r2=0.4221) was with February month red band with exponential function. The best regression models were used for satellite data-based extrapolation for phytomass mapping in Kashmir valley part. The coefficient of determination (r2) between observed phytomass and predicted phytomass was 0.8534 in Broad Leaved Forest and in Abies pindrow Royle and Pinus wallichiana A.B. Jack forest, it was fairly good with r2= 0.5238 and r2=0.4938, respectively; whereas in the case of Cedrus deodara (D. Don) G. Don, it was low (r2= 0.4055). The estimated AGP varied from 19.4304 to 503.932 Mg ha-1 in 250 × 250 m (MODIS SR Pixel), whereas the predicted AGP based on MODIS data modeling varied from 6.028 to 491.09 Mg ha-1. The total AGP was 6.24 Tg and total carbon was 2.99 Tg C in an area of ~9500 km2 of Kashmir valley part. For regional level AGP representation, mean AGP was assessed within the grids of 5 × 5 km and it varied from 31.96 to 357.39 Mg and the mean forest phytomass was 210.48 Mg.


Clustered Sampling; Area Weighted Phytomass; Geospatial Spectral Modeling; Up-scaling

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