Effect of Different Organic Manures on Yield, Nutritional Quality and Soil Properties in Rice-lentil Sequence on Inceptisols Under Temperate Conditions of Kashmir

F. Akhter, G. R. Najar, Shahid A. Hakeem, J. A. Wani, F. A. Peer


A field experiment was conducted during Kharif season of 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 to study the effect of different organic manures viz.  farmyard manure, sheep manure and poultry manure on rice-lentil yield, grain quality and their resultant effect on soil properties. Improved rice grain yield ( 4.83 Mg ha-1), rice grain quality such as carbohydrates (83.10%), protein (6.21%), methionine (1.57 mg (100g)-1 protein) and cysteine (1.34 mg (100g)-1 protein) resulted due to application of different manures individually or in combination over control. Similarly lentil yield (0.874 Mg ha-1) and quality viz. carbohydrates (61.08 %), proteins (28.9%), methionine (1.72 mg (100g)-1 protein), and cystein (1.59 mg (100g)-1 protein) were proved significant by the application of different manures individually or in combination over control.  Application of Farm Yard manure + Sheep and +Poultry manure showed highest organic carbon content (0.81 %), available N (344.0 kg ha-1), available K (152.40 kg ha-1) whereas, the contents of available P (27.7 kg ha-1), available S (23.9 kg ha-1) and  DTPA-Zn (0.73 mg ha-1) and Fe (25.16 mg ha-1) were highest with the combined application of poultry manure and sheep manure.


Fertility; Lentil; Organic Manures, Grain Quality; Rice Yield


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