Impact of Land Use Management on Soil Organic Carbon Content at Varying Slope Gradients of North East India

Fellycia Basaiawmoit, Naorem J Singh, B. U. Choudhury, A. K Singh, Lala IP Ray


The topographic setting and subsistence farming of North East India are important factors  affecting the soil organic carbon (SOC) stock. We attempted to assess the SOC stock and simulated SOC under different crop management regimes at varying slope gradients in Meghalaya, India. The SOC stock at surface layer (0-15 cm soil depth) and subsurface layer (15-30 cm soil depth) was decreased in the order of potato-potato system (PPS) at 32%  slope gradient of CPRS > upland rice base system (URS) at 12% slope gradient of Sawkilo > lowland rice-fallow system (LRFS) at Bhoirymbong > URS at 32% slope gradient of Pyllun. The higher SOC stock and total nitrogen (TN) was found at the surface layer whereas the soil inorganic carbon (SIC) stock was higher in the subsurface layer. The CENTURY model-simulated SOC  declined at the rate of 0.1 kg m-2 yr-1 at 12% and 32% slope gradient in URS of Sawkilo and Pyllun village and at the rate of 0.05 kg m-2 yr-1 in LRFS of Bhoirymbong village. However, the SOC would  remain  above  6 kg m-2 in PPS at 32% slope gradient on CPRS in long run with continuation of present management practices.


CENTURY; Potato-Potato; Rice-Fallow; Terrace Cultivation; Soil Carbon


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