Land Use/Land Cover Changes in the Catchment of Water Bodies in and Around Davangere City, Karnataka

Nafeesa Begum, J. Narayana, S. L. Arun Kumar


Land use/land cover changes around four water bodies situated in and near Davangere city (Karnataka) during the period 1970-2005 were analysed using satellite data and Survey of India Topo maps. Using Geographical Information System (GIS), the detailed analysis revealed that the area under agriculture and settlements increased whereas the scrub land decreased around TV-station reservoir. Around Yelebethur lake, the built up land area increased and the scrubland has been converted to agricultural land. Land cover around Bathi lake also recorded an increase in built up land whereas Hadadi lake surroundings show increased agricultural land and a decline in fallow land.


Scrub Land; Built Up Land; Fallow Land; Catchments Area; False Colour Composite; Remote Sensing; Geographic Information System

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