Limnological Research in Libya

M. A. Khan


Apparent lack of interest in research on limnological aspects in Libya has restricted the scope of its development. Such a situation results from the almost non-existence of natural freshwater bodies. The recent creation of some man-made lakes and the Great Artificial River, a project considered by many as extraordinary human innovation, with substantial financial investment should, however, stimulate enthusiasm for limnological research. The scientifically-oriented technological and theoretical impetus, multi-disciplinary seminars, environmental awareness among populace, establishment of research-cum-training centres and adequate financial support, hitherto grossly ignored, are vital ingredients to promote the scope of limnology in Libya. Ecological monitoring of Libyan inland waters gains paramount importance for short and long-term environmental implications.


Development; Libya; Limnology; Present Status; artificial river; Wadi-el-Majanin dam

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