First report of carnatic rice fish Oryzias carnaticus (Jerdon, 1849) (Order: Beloniformes) from Sunderban Biosphere Reserve, West Bengal.

Arya Sen, Sreeraj C.R.


Oryzias is a genus of rice fish belonging to the family Adrianichthyidae (Class Actinopterygii, Order: Beloniformes), usually found in estuarine and freshwater areas. So far, only two species are recorded from West Bengal under this genus viz., Oryzias dancena (Hamilton, 1822) & Oryzias melastigma (McClelland, 1839). Present work reports the first record of Oryzias carnaticus (Jerdon, 1849), from West Bengal. The species was collected from the mangrove ecosystem of Sunderban Biosphere Reserve. Details of the morphological data, live coloration and wild habitat are provided for the new record.


Mangrove, Oryzias, Rice Fish, Sunderban, West Bengal


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