Avian-Faunal Diversity, their ecological guild and conservation status at Kaliyaganj, Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal

Tapan Sarkar, Papi Nandi


Abstract A survey on avian faunal diversity was conducted from January 2018 to December 2019atfour sampling sites of Kaliyaganj block, Uttar DinajPur, West Bengal. The point count method was adoptedfor study.A total of 49 numbers of birds species were recorded during thetwo year survey periodbelonged to 29 families and 11 orders. Among 49 birds species,dominant order was Passeriformes with 11 orders (59%). The highest taxonwas recorded 46 in May and Lowest 28 in January.According to IUCN category, 48 birds were belonged to Least Concern category (LC) and schedule IV and only one bird Gyps bengalensis belonged under Critically Endangered category (CR) and schedule III. Avian faunal diversity decreases day by day due to anthropogenic activities.


avian faunal, Least Concern category (LC), Critically Endangered category (CR), schedule III, anthropogenic activities


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