A Garden of Feather Stars (Echinodermata: Crinoidea) In The Intertidal Area Of South Saurashtra Coastline Of Gujarat state, India

Hitisha Ishawarbhai Baroliya, Rahul Kundu


Gujarat has 1,600 km long extensive shoreline harboring wide varieties of marine biota in the tidepools of its south Saurashtra coastline, Gujarat, India. The shoreline at Fort St. Anthony of Simbor has rocky outcrops which are found to be paradise for rich diversity of the Echinodermata specially Feather star. One such stretch of a rocky outcrop is around 350 meters in length. Many bigger to small rock pools and shallow sediment pools with turbid Gulf water is present and is dominated by dense bed of Feather Stars. Feather star has diverse living habitat such as attached with rock, sediment shallow pool, on the emergent flat rock, underneath of rock in the rock pool and attached in the rock caves and crevices at the intertidal belt of Simbor. The present communication reports the pictorial description of this Feather stars garden as an initial survey to understand the community ecology of this animal in this part of the coastline.


Feather star garden, diversity, community ecology, Intertidal, Gujarat

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