Phytoplankton Diversity of Inland Wetland in Tamil Nadu State: A Review

MOHAMED THARIK, Sai Saraswathi Vijayaraghavalu, Kumaraguru Arumugam


Freshwater Phytoplankton are taxonomically and functionally diverse group of organisms that are key players in the most significant biogeochemical cycle. Phytoplankton plays a tremendous role in nutrient uptake, cellular allocations and food chain and helps to maintain healthy aquatic ecosystem. Inspite of this, Freshwater phytoplankton diversity is not documented in a consistent way in Tamil Nadu. Hence, this first review particularly focuses on documenting the phytoplankton species diversity in inland wetlands of Tamil Nadu. Based on the available research articles, this study provides freshwater phytoplankton taxa so far in Tamil Nadu State comprising a total of 592 species of phytoplankton includes 189 species of Cyanophyceae, 192 species of Chlorophyceae, 174 species of Bacillariophyceae, 32 species of Euglenophyceae, 4 species of Dinophyceae  and 1 Species of Chrysophyceae. This baseline analysis drives next level exploration of understanding phytoplankton diversity of inland wetland habitat and highly significant and useful for upcoming researchers, conservationists and scientists for future studies in Tamil Nadu.


Phytoplankton, Wetlands, Aquatic Ecosystem, Tamil Nadu, Phytology, Microbiology


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