Biomass Production, Chlorophyll Content and Morphorogical Parameters Are Affected by Sulfur Deficiency in Eruca sativa L.

Mariame Houhou, Khalid Amrani Joutei, Said Louhalia


Eruca sativa is one of the most cultivated brassica belonging to medicinal and aromatic species, The effect of sulphur deprivation on the growth and metabolism of Eruca sativa was investigated by measuring dry weights of the plant, chlorophyll content, total sulphur, leaf area, root/shoot ratio (R/S), Leaf Area Ratio (LAR), Specific Leaf Area (SLA) and leaf weight ratio (LWR). Significant decrease was observed in total dry weight of the overall plant. Both total sulphur and sulphate concentrations were markedly reduced in response to sulphur deficiency, significant decrease was recorded in chlorophyll concentration. Decreases were also observed in Leaf area and R/S ratio, while, a significant increase was recorded in LAR and SLA.


Chlorophyll; Eruca sativa;, Leaf area; SLA; LAR; Sulfur Deficiency


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