Influence of Leaf Litter Decomposition on Carbon Mineralization in a Jhumland and a Forest

Magdal Vanlalvuani, Angom SarjuBala Devi


The influence of decomposition of tree litter on C- mineralization in soil was investigated in a jhumland and a forest area in Tanhril, about 17 km west of Aizawl (NE India). Two types of dominant tree species were selected: Albizia chinensis and Callicarpa arborea in jhumland and Schima wallichi and Anogeisus acuminata in the forest site. The study was conducted on three types of slopes:  6-10 % ( gentle), 15-25%  (moderate) and 25-35 % (steep), in each of the study site. Leaf litter  decomposition was studied by litter bag method. Soil samples were also collected from the area after the litterbags were picked up every month. At both the sites, decomposition of leaf was high in the moderately sloped area. The rate of decomposition of Callicarpa arborea is faster than Albizia  chinensis in the jhumland. In the forest area, Anogeisus acuminata litter decomposed faster than that of Schima wallichi. The rate of C-mineralization  corresponded with the rate of litter decomposition i.e., higher in moderately sloped area in both sites and higher under Anogeisus acuminata in the forest.


Biomass; Elevation; Jhum Cultivation; Litterbags; Slope Angle; Soil Respiration


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