Soil Organic Carbon Stock in the Sacred Groves of Manipur, NE India

Ch. Sanjita Devi, Th. Binoy Singh


Sacred groves contribute significantly to the storage of organic carbon in biomass and restoration of soil health. We investigated the rate of carbon sequestration in the sacred groves (SGs) of Manipur by analyzing the amount of organic carbon stock in soil under them. Three sacred groves were selected in three  districts of Manipur. The study area has a subtropical climate and is dominated by Schima  wallichii  (DC.) Korth. The soil samples were collected  using soil corer up to 30 cm depth. The organic carbon density in SG-I ranged from 23.93 kg m-2 to 18.94 kg m-2, in SG-II from 28.74 kg m-2 to 13.96 kg m-2 and in SG-III from 28.51 kg m-2 to 11.09 kg m-2. The total organic carbon stocks of soil in SG-I, SG-II and SG-III were estimated at 6802.48 Mg ha-1, 6892.62 Mg ha-1 and 6321.58 Mg ha-1, respectively. The rate of sequestration of carbon differed due to the variation in physico-chemical characteristics of the soil and steepness of the slope. Species composition also affected the productivity.


Biomass; Carbon Density; Carbon Sequestration; Productivity; Soil Organic Matter; Species Composition


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