Tree Diversity and Ecosystem Carbon Stock Patterns Along Selected Land Use, Land Cover Systems in Tripura, Northeastern India

Bal Krishan Choudhary, Koushik Majumdar, Badal Kumar Datta


Natural Forests (NF), Managed Plantations (MP) and Jhum Fallow (JF), including their soils are important stocks and sequester of Carbon . Plant diversity, biomass and total ecosystem carbon in these three  lands use systems of Tripura, northeast India, were estimated during 2013 using  100×10 m transects  where trees were assessed in ten 10×10 m contiguous quadrats, shrubs in 5×5m quadrats, and herbs and litter in 1×1m nested quadrats. Soil was sampled and the understorey biomass was estimated in each transect. Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) stocks were estimated at five depths in each plot. Tree species diversity was significantly high (p < 0.0001) in NF (83.1), followed by JF (3.8) and MP (1.8). Tree biomass (Mg ha-1) ranged from 127.22 (NF) to 5.78 (JF) and varied (p< 0.0001) among the three land uses. Higher C stock was estimated in NF (213.16) than in JF (159.28) and MP (131.76). Conversion of NF into JF and MP results in enormous loss of ecosystem organic C stock by 33.82- 61.77%. The C storage potential in these land uses may increase over time, if managed properly.


Land Use; Diversity; Biomass; Soc; Ecosystem Carbon Pool; Edaphic Properties


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